Mutual Funds

Cordros Asset Management Limited offers its clients unlimited access to investing in a variety of assets. When our clients buy our mutual funds, they are pooling their money with many other investors with similar investment objectives. These mutual funds have specific investment objectives to suit the investment needs and time horizon of a broad range of clients.

Our Funds: 

Cordros Money Market Fund:
The Cordros Money Market Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that seeks to provide safety, liquidity, diversification and competitive returns. The Fund will invest in high quality short term money market securities such as Bankers' Acceptances, Certificates of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Deposits (Fixed/Tenured) with eligible financial institutions, and any other instruments introduced and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from time to time as permissible under SEC Rule 470.

Cordros Milestone Fund 2023 & 2028 
The Cordros Milestone Fund 2023 & 2028 are target-date mutual funds which start out investing in a mix of securities(asset allocation) that seek capital growth (e.g. stocks) and gradually shift to those that seek capital preservation (e.g. money market) as the target dates (2023 &2028) approach. The funds are open-ended funds constituted under a Trust Deed and the units shall be continuously offered. Target date funds, which are also called lifecycle funds, are designed to offer a convenient way to invest through a portfolio of assets. The fund will give investors capital appreciation benefits, diversification across asset classes, automatic rebalancing, automatic adjustment for changing risk profile, annual income and professional portfolio management. Minimum initial investment is 25 units. 

Cordros Dollar Fund
The Cordros Dollar Fund is an actively managed open-ended unit trust scheme whose main objective is to achieve capital appreciation in the medium to long term for Investors with USD. The Fund shall manage the asset allocation in Sovereign Eurobonds, Corporate Eurobonds, money market instruments and other quoted corporate Eurobonds. Read More>>>