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The Cordros Money Market Fund is an open ended fund authorized and registered in Nigeria as a Unit Trust Scheme under Section 160 of the Investment and Securities Act. The fund's investment objective is to provide capital preservation and regular income to unit holders by investing in high-quality money market instruments recognized by the Securities & Exchange Commission. The fund is particularly suitable for investors who are conservative and seek capital preservation on short term to medium term investments. The Fund offers access to a diversified portfolio of money market securities such as Commercial Papers, Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptance, Certificate of Deposit and other fixed income investments. With a minimum and affordable investment amount of N10,000.00, you can start investing in the Money Market Fund. There is no maximum limit on amount to be invested. All you need to do is ensure that additional investments are not less than 5000 Naira.


  • A well diversified portfolio of money market instruments
  • Competitive return with minimum investment
  • Capital Preservation
  • Quarterly income streams
  • Liquidity and Ease of entry and exit
  • Affordability
  • Professional Management

Begin your journey to wealth creation by investing in a low-risk fund managed by a reputable financial institution.
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