Cordros Money Market Fund

Cordros Money Market Fund

If you are looking for a safe, affordable and convenient way to invest ane earn regular returns, you should consider the Cordros Money Market Fund.

The Cordros Money Market Fund is an open-ended mutual fund. This means that you can continously invest and make redemptions. 

The Fund provides safety because it invests in low riskshort term money market securities such as Bankers' Acceptances, Certificates of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Deposits (Fixed/Tenured) with eligible financial institutions, and any other instruments introduced and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from time to time as permissible under SEC Rule 470.

With the Cordros Money Market Fund, you enjoy liquidity. This means you always have access to your money once you cross a 30 Day holding period. Redemptions would not take more than 3 working days.  

Diversification and competitive returns are other benefits you enjoy when you subscribe to the Cordros Money market Fund. 

The minimum initial investment is N10,000 (100units) while additional investments is N5000 (50units).


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